Watch: Another Pitch Invasion, And It’s Not Jarvo This Time
By Aditya Pratap - Sep 11, 2021 8:36 pm
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Pitch invasion has been a talking point since Daniel Jarvis aka Jarvo 69 found it too easy to cross the security people during the Test series between England and India. He did it three times during the Test series and grabbed the eyeballs from all over the world.

A dog invaded the pitch

It is not an easy task to avoid security people and reach the middle of the ground. Jarvo did it with ease while many find it difficult.

Meanwhile, another incident of pitch invasion occurred in Ireland which is doing rounds on social media. A pitch invader came rushing to the middle of the ground and grabbed the ball, which put the match on a halt.

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The incident occurred during the Women’s All-Ireland T20 Cup match. The batter played a shot and started running for a couple of runs. In an attempt to run out the player, the wicketkeeper quickly threw the ball to dismiss the batswoman. However, he couldn’t hit the target.

At that very moment, a little dog came running to the middle and clutched the ball in his jaws. He dodged all the fielders and came straight to the non-striker’s end where he gently returned the ball.

See the video here;

Earlier, England resident Daniel Jarvis breached the security multiple times during the Test series between India and England. He invaded the pitch three times during the series with the first instance occurred during the Lord’s Test. The Headingley Test was the second incident when he tried to bat for India but ended up getting life suspension from the ground. His third attempt was to bowl for India during The Oval Test and ended up crashing into Jonny Bairstow.

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Jarvo was arrested after that game on suspicion of assault but got released later on.