Sachin Tendulkar Extends His Support To Team India
By CricShots - Aug 21, 2017 6:24 am
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On Sunday, Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar has conveyed his best wishes for Team India ahead of the ODI series against Sri Lanka. He also expressed that he will continue to support the national squad even if it does not perform up to the mark on all occasions.

According to the quotes in PTI, Sachin told reporters, “Our good wishes are always with the (Indian) team. Be it men’s team or women’s team. Our good wishes are there, we will go with them, whether their performance is good or it is little less than our expectations. I will say that we will continue to support the team and I expect that you are there with me.”

Praising the improvements in the fielding standards of the Indian team, Sachin said, “We are talking about the good health of our nation and clearly in some time, we are going to have healthier people around, because it is about living a healthy lifestyle, being fit, being more active and what is going to happen after that is something that we can be proud of. Because I believe that good fitness will always bring more consistent and better results in whatever you want to be in life.”

Earlier, Tendulkar said that the other international team must be jealous of the current Indian squad, recalling that, he said, ”Absolutely (the other teams will be envious of India). When we have the full strength, it is a good problem to have. Whom to leave out? That means your bench strength is really strong. That is how the champion teams are. I am sure everyone is watching us the way we have played.”