T20 WC: Pakistan’s Response To ‘Mauka Mauka’ Ad Is Going Viral, Watch here
India and Pakistan will lock horns in a high-voltage clash on October 24 in Dubai to kick off their T20 World Cup 2021 campaign. The fever has started taking over the fans across the border and commercials are doing rounds on the internet. Both countries produce commercials to mock each other. India’s ‘Mauka Mauka’ commercial […]
By Aditya Pratap - Oct 17, 2021
Vishal Malhotra: The guy became famous due to Mauka-Mauka Advertisement
Nowadays, when India-Pakistan cricket match comes near, Indians feel the famous ‘Mauka Mauka’ advertisement by heart. The sound evolves now as a chant that finds on many Indian cricket fans’ mouth. It all started from 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia when both teams faced each other in their opening game of the tournament. […]
By Sandy - Sep 19, 2018
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